Is it me, or are the Tories just fucking around in Westminster?  Seems to me that the changes they keep talking about have more to do with what they’d like to see happen to the UK than what would actually benefit the UK.

Case in point, today’s suggested benefit shake up.  As well you know, the Conservatives’ main concern is money, specifically, making and keeping money and hanging around with other people who have money and breeding with the offspring of people who have money and so on.  And, it has been the key point of this government so far that the ubiquitous economy be rescued from the jaws of collapse, which, in a country used to the finer things, is fair enough I suppose.

People are now of course, resigned to the idea of belt-tightening and a loss of public services.  So why is it then, that, rather than scaling back any existing operations in a bid to save money, the government are instead suggesting a ‘radical‘ reorganisation of the benefits system?  A reorganisation that is estimated to cost as much as £7bn.  I could be wrong – stranger things have happened – but weren’t the Tories and their Lib Dem lap dogs talking about saving £6bn just a few weeks ago?  What the apes is going on here?

Strictly speaking it’s not my place to tell them what to do, I am only a citizen of the country they govern after all, but it seems more logical to stick to the ideas you put in place and wait until things are sorted before making any crazy changes.  Also, let’s not forget that Nick Clegg constantly talks about being pragmatic, but hey, maybe this is just the ‘new politics’ in action.