And so it goes that on the 8th of August, in the year of our lord 2010, the Conservatives did decree that they would not be taking milk from the mouths of the nation’s young, even they are not that thoughtless, or are they?

But hold, this whole thing all seems a bit familiar.  There’s a distinct lactose-free whiff of Tory governments gone by.

So what’s this all about? Well, the general idea was to cease supplying under-fives attending day-care with free milk, thus saving those precious pennies.  Much like the Tories feelings towards the NHS,  Mrs Milton claimed the scheme had become “increasingly outdated” and was no longer providing “value for money”, which is an odd thing for a conservative minister to say if you ask me.

Ultimately however, the scheme has been officially removed from the political table which is good news for now, but will undoubtedly have consequences when ministers decide what to cut instead.

Details on why the plans have been scrapped are still sketchy at the time of writing, but as far as I can tell, Anne Milton doesn’t rhyme with “milk snatcher”, so they’ve decided to find something to cut that does.

The real issue here though isn’t provision of milk to under-fives, the issue is the disorganised nature of the current Tory government.

As would be expected, any cabinet minister going on BBC One to discuss all-things current events, would be asked pressing questions on the biggest news stories.  Strangely enough, David Willetts seemed unprepared – funny that.  Luckily enough then that the education minister was kindly informed of changes to the plan while he was on-air, no doubt thanks to some eleventh hour quick thinking by some bright-spark at Downing street.

It must be embarrassing as a member of the cabinet when James Landale has to tell you what’s happening in Westminster after you’ve already been left “floundering” when pressed. You could be forgiven for thinking he was meant to be prepared for this kind of thing.

I have my suspicions that there’s more than a few The Thick of it -isms going on in Whitehall and that those involved have little idea of what they’re doing and seemingly less idea of how to communicate with each other.  It’s not just me that thinks this by the way, Andy Burnham seems to be saying something similiar.  You can read the full story here.

Cock-ups aside though, what I would say about today’s news is that it seemingly betrays a lack of communication on the government’s part and a sense that, hey, they’re just like us, they don’t have a clue either so they’re just going to try whatever springs to mind and hope it’ll work out in the end or at least make sense.  So far, they’ve yet to get that far.