I hate children, I hate the little bastards and everything they do, so it’s always puzzled me why some people have that “think of the children” mentality.  It’s bollocks.  Complete and utter bollocks.  What makes children so great?  Nothing, that’s what and I resent the implication that they deserve better than adults simply by virtue of being small.

And so we arrive at today’s news that Iraqi student, Rabar Hamad who could be aged either 16 or 20 is facing deportation, apparently because of the trivial matter of his age.  Now, here’s the thing; if he’s 16 as he claims to be, he’d be eligible to stay in the UK and be protected by Wigan Council.  However, if he’s 20, as social workers claim him to be, he’ll be deported to Iraq.  Why? It’s hard to tell, although apparently when you reach maturity you don’t deserve protection.

Hamad – stowed away in the wheel arch of a truck – arrived in the UK in 2008 after his parents were murdered in Iraq, since then he’s devoted his time to studying and learning how to read and write – which is more than can be said for a lot of British people.  Considering the above, it should be pretty obvious to most people (even the Daily Mail) that Hamad is not in Britain to cause trouble and that if he is returned to Iraq, he faces certain danger.

I know what some people may be thinking; “Yeah, but he lied about his age, how can we trust him?”  Well, the Conservatives lied about not making cuts to the NHS and look what happened.  I get the feeling I’m getting a little bit off topic here, but let me just ask if it’s any more dangerous than someone lying about their age to avoid murder in Iraq?

Anyway, back to the case in point, I don’t understand why it is that compassion has to end at 16.  Just because someone is no longer a child, it doesn’t eliminate the risks they faced when they were one.  It’d make a lot more sense to consider the facts and acknowledge that Hamad would probably be much better off here.  And while we’re talking compassion, I also don’t understand why it is that people who’re helping him could potentially face prison and/or a fine, if it’s done for the right reasons, what’s the problem?

I worry that the real problem here isn’t that someone’s life is potentially at risk, but that rules and regulations are considered more important than a person’s well-being.  It shouldn’t matter how old somebody is, if they’ve been promised help, they should receive it.  In Hamad’s case, it could be worth giving him the option of British citizenship, because let’s face it, it’d cost less in the long-run and we do have an economic crisis on our hands, right?  Maybe I’m just being silly.

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