Naomi Campbell must have a hard life what with being a so-called supermodel and having people giving her diamonds and all.  My heart really goes out to her, she’s a strong woman.  I mean, if I were testifying to a war-crimes tribunal I know I’d just do something daft like telling the truth, but gawd bless Naomi, she’s stuck to her guns.

What must be even harder for her is that she’s so busy, frivolous trips to the Hague effectively stop her living her life, but hey, war crimes trials are sooo last season.

I’m not saying that Naomi Campbell is a horrible person, I’ve never met her – although there are good odds on her being a total cunt – but in her current circumstances, surely it’d be better to try and bring genocidal scum bag Charles Taylor to justice, rather than lying to cover her own back.  And on that note, who did she think she was kidding?  Her testimony was destined to be scrutinised not only by the court, by the western media as well.  Did she assume that no-one would question her version of events? or that her fellow witnesses would not say anything contrary?

Oh well, at least she had the conscience to give the diamond(s) she received to charity, right?

I suppose you don’t need brains to walk on cats.