Upper-class cunts.  As with any conservative government, naturally the ones at the top are always going to be aristocratic twats with no real sense of how most people live.  Call me Dave is of course, no exception, although he likes to pretend he’s a regular guy because he doesn’t always fasten the top button on his shirt and he once spoke to a plumber.

And what better way to prove that’s he’s just like you and me, than by naming his newborn baby daughter Florence Rose Endellion Cameron.  I mean, I know it’ll look incredibly dated in ten years time, but it’s sooo en vogue to call your offspring Endellion these days, everybody’s doing it.  How wonderfully common.

Of course we are all in this together and the Camerons’ choice of baby name says a lot about their connection to the British public.  It’s just a relief that we’ve got an ordinary bloke in charge and not some typical toff toss-pot calling the shots.

Anyway, I must be off now, I have to go and tend to Tabatha Elizabeth Beatrice Fortesque-Smythe III, I suppose Au Pairs can’t be expected to do all the work.