Fucking Americans!

In a decade when religious idiocy has been noticeably prevalent, things seem to go from bad to worse.  Yet again, I’m placing the blame squarely at the hands of Americans, or more accurately, a select group of Americans to whom sense and thought are alien concepts.

My scorn this week is aimed at Pastor Terry Jones of ‘International Burn a Koran day’ fame.  He and his braindead followers appear to have no time for tolerance and understanding and instead have opted for one of America’s proudest traditions – the burning of books.

As a lifelong and confirmed non-religious person – I’ve grown tired of the phrase atheist – I’m not about to go singing the praises of Islam, Christianity or anything else, it’s all lies anyway and I challenge you to prove me wrong.  However, I am fully aware of and understand the fact that many misguided people around the world choose to believe in imaginary friends that live in the sky and I’m happy to leave them to their beliefs as long as they don’t impinge on my life or cause anybody any harm.

This does not seem to be the way of Terry Jones who thinks that rather than build bridges, the sensible thing to do would be to burn the holy book of Muslims in a widely publicised and plainly offensive show of moronic, misplaced, right-wing solidarity.

Although Mr Jones has since called off his book burning stunt, his actions have no doubt already caused more trouble than they ever should have done.  Although – we are told – young, stupid Muslims around the globe need little impetus to become radicalised these days, it’s surely damaging to foreign relations and its image abroad, that Americans should act as the book-burning hypocrites we’ve always suspected they are.

Anyway, for now disaster seems to have been averted, but it’s hard to tell exactly what effect this latest farce is going to have in the long run.  Here’s hoping for the spread of global anti-religious sentiment sooner rather than later!