There is no god.  Doesn’t it make you happy to say it?  There is no god, there never has been any god and based on what we know, there never will be a god.

How do I know?  If there was a god, Pope Benedict XVI would not be infecting my green and pleasant land with his Catholic dogma.

So here we are, over 400 years after the reformation we have the head of the Catholic church being invited to Britain at the behest of the head of the church of England.

What does that mean for me and you? Not very much apparently, except that that all-important money we’re expected to save is being spent on bringing the former Hitler Youth boy to the UK, even in the face of mass public indifference.

Everybody knows that the Pope is out of touch with reality and the modern world, as is the Queen, but when the vast majority of people do not want the same things as these people, I’d like to know why must they be indulged.

Perhaps the Pope will use the visit as a way to connect with the British public. Perhaps not.  The BBC reported “sighs of disappointment” coming from the crowds assembled to see him upon realising the vehicle he was travelling in had blacked-out windows.

Perhaps this is  some kind of Shrodinger’s Pope experiment, the Pope may be in the car, or he may not be in the car, it’s impossible to tell unless you can see him.  Hopefully there is some dangerous radiation in the car, we can only hope and pray.

But dismiss my mockery, does it not say in the bible, that following the resurrection, Jesus traversed the streets of Nazareth in a bullet-proof limo with a police escort?  I think it does, somewhere near the back.

This really sums up the Pope’s attitude to Britain and the people that both those who hate him and those who worship him.  He’s definitely worth the expense incurred as a result of his visit.  Definitely.

The only real value of this state visit that I can see is that it’s likely to cause more disdain and/or apathy for Catholicism in the UK and hopefully move us one step closer to a Britain free of idiocy and imaginary friends.