Fucking Americans! (again!)

As usual, those insular degenerates of the western Atlantic have managed to fuel my ire by simply doing what they do best.  This time it’s because they’ve decided that breasts are not suitable for children. Who knew?

How much breast are we talking here? and in what context? Perhaps they belong to a woman of ‘dubious’ integrity who is showing off her feminine assets to all and sundry. Well, they don’t (although they belong to a woman of dubious musical ability) they are simply breasts, under a dress, belonging to Katy Perry.  Can someone tell me what the problem is exactly? Literally everybody in the world has a body and at least half the population have jugs.

Her appearance on perennial American kiddywinks’ favourite on Seasame Street will now not be broadcast.  This comes as a result of concerned parents with nothing better to do complaining about Miss Perry having breasts.

I’ve seen the video and to be honest, I was disappointed that there weren’t more of KP’s funbags*, it certainly would have made listening to the song bearable.  If you’re going to be outraged about anything, it should be that kids are exposed to cheesy forgettable pop music, not a quarter (at most!) of a woman’s mammary glands.

One can only assume that any child witnessing the unusual bumps on Miss Perry’s chest must have burst into tears upon the sight of a pair of jobs. It’s understandable, children don’t normally see knockers until they are fully grown and even then, only when they are in a loving relationship and have the written permission of parents groups and religious leaders.

No wonder America is so backward and repressed, natural, often beautiful body parts are viewed as somehow offensive.

Ever wondered why the USA has a disproportionately higher rate of serial killers than anywhere else in the world? Perhaps it has something to do with the conditioning of their young against the most innocuous of things.  Rather than teach kids about context and normalcy, Americans apparently prefer to keep their offspring fearful and ignorant.

Needless to say, this latest controversy bullshit has had the result of shining light on something that otherwise would have been ignored and/or gone unnoticed.  Millions of people have already seen the video in question which isn’t anything to write home about anyway.

Although I have no proof, I also have a feeling that most of the complainants hadn’t/haven’t seen the video themselves, but have simply gotten carried away and – typically – made tits of themselves in the eyes of people everywhere.

Maybe America’s hordes of right-wing, god obsessed, idiotic parents, might want to teach their children about irony in future even if they won’t teach them about breasts.  Who knows where it might lead.

*In case you’re daft as a brush, this is satire, not sexism.