Baroness Warsi, she’s a card.  I’d say it’s worth keeping an eye on her in the coming months and years.

Why? You ask, well, let me tell you.  I have the strangest feeling that Lady Warsi suffers from Prince Philip syndrome and that it’s only a matter of time before she begins to make public appearances with a strip of tape over here gob.  Here’s why.

Labour appear confident that there’s nothing going on and have suggested the Lady Warsi share any evidence she may have which I for one am interested in seeing.

She was also on BBC news after Ed Miliband’s recent victory was announced claiming that the Labour leadership election was a fix, set-up by the unions, although I think that was just a case of sour grapes since lil’ Tony Blair was defeated and a slightly more left-wing candidate was elected.

It’s early days yet, but since the election, her name has cropped up several times in the news and not once relating to politics.  She also seems to like making ‘unsubstantiated’ claims as evidenced by the previous link.

Maybe she’ll prove herself to be one of the ‘new’ Tory politicians who will modernise the image of the party, or perhaps she’ll get carried away time and again.

Like I said, it’s still early days, but I’m looking forward to seeing her mouthing off again in the near future. I expect her to be the most entertaining thing about the current Tory government.