And so it came to pass that George Osborne woke and raised a smile, David Cameron nodded his head in agreement and Nick Clegg smirked at along with his best pals.

Yes, it’s the cuts. It’s been a long time coming and what we all feared is here at last.  As long as the economy is happy, we should all be safe, but could we not perform some human sacrifice to appease it?  I know of a few people that would satiate it’s hunger.

We may look back at the Incas and sneer. “Coo, look at them, they worshipped the sun, silly primitives”.  How things change.  Nobody these days would worship the sun as giver of all life, why would we when we have the tangible properties of the ubiquitous markets. Oh, wait…  Let’s keep the markets happy, we don’t want to anger it.  What if the wounded economy causes an earthquake or volcanic eruption!

The Tories ideological cuts will hit us hard.  They tell us we’re all in this together, but obviously exclude themselves.  It’s fair enough I suppose, they’ve never done a day’s work and daddy has given them all the cash they’ll ever need, so why should they contribute?  I can’t think of a single reason.

The markets are king and they must be respected because without them, where would we be? Well, probably in the place we were before.  Somebody in France recently said that budget cuts would be appropriate if they didn’t already have a rich country and the same is applicable here.

These cuts are the worst since the second world war, but look at what the Attlee government achieved and how they made the UK into what it is today.  Where are the concessions Mr. Osborne? Penalising everybody but your wealthy chums is just fucking wrong, you hypocritical bastards.  We don’t have a problem with spending, we have a problem with income.

Ultimately, we need to protect those who need it and provide services for all. Money is not king, the people are and communities are and will always be more important than the fucking stock exchange.

Clement Attlee where are you now when we need you?