When will people learn to watch what they say on Twitter?

The latest in a long line of people making idiots of themselves on the – frankly overrated – social networking website is Tory councillor John Fareham of Hull City Council.  Having branded cuts protesters ‘retards’, Mr Fareham has incurred the wrath of caring types everywhere.  However, it isn’t his use of retard that bothers me the most*.  What rankles me is the tone and context of his comments.

His post: “15 hours in council today very hard hitting day and the usual collection of retards in the public gallery spoiling it for real people” is typical Tory scumbaggery. The very idea that ‘real people’s’ fun is being spoiled by those demanding fairness, employment and access to services  is pretty disgusting.  The meeting in question involved axing 1,400 jobs and child care services.  What the councillor clearly doesn’t understand is that the people protesting against the cuts are the real people.  Most folks don’t have cushy jobs (even without a majority) on councils and many rely on the provision of services the likes of JF want to take away.

Beyond this, I don’t think that Mr Fareham is a very nice person, which probably makes him a good Tory, but a crap representative of the people – albeit, not the majority of them.  Last year got himself into trouble by making “derogatory remarks” about his colleagues, which just goes to show that he sees name-calling as a sensible thing to do.  On both counts, Mr Fareham has apologised, but forced apologies are meaningless.  What’s worse is that he clearly believes his views are acceptable in a public figure, but he isn’t even willing to defend himself when he shoots his mouth off.  If you’re going to voice these kind of backward opinions of people, at least have enough of a spine to back them up, especially when you’re only going to upset another group of people at a later date.

Keep an eye on Twitter if you like, but don’t expect “rly sry 4 my coments erlier, feel sooo bad. Johnny Fareham is luvly nd i wont 2 by him a drnk” any time soon.

*That’s not to say it doesn’t bother me.  I think it’s a pretty horrid word that gets used far too often.