Is it just me, or has the Metro revealed the other footballers involved in this super injunction business?

Today’s front page has no story, just a picture of Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney and (yes, it’s official now) Ryan Giggs with their kids. ┬áThe caption is headed “The kids are alright”, as if to say “well, their offspring seem unaffected by their extra-marital doings”.

I mean, yeah, fair enough, this is the Manchester Metro, but even so, nobody in Manchester gives a shit if some footballers brought their kids onto the pitch during a game, yet it’s on the front page.

My eyebrow had already been raised by this incongruous photo ‘story’, but seeing as Newsnight just pointed out something similar from (I think) the Daily Mail a few days ago – having a story about Ryan Gigg’s private life under one about Fred Goodwin’s injunction – I began to feel a bit less crazy.

I’ll let you make your own mind up, I just think it’s a bit suspicious, especially seeing as it’s on the front page.

At least the kids are alright

If I’m right (which I’m probably not) then this is the first story that the Metro have ever broken. There’s a first time for everything!