Things aren’t looking good for the Lib Dems.  First there were riots in that London, then they took a drubbing in the local elections, now Chris Huhne is staring down the business end of a petty crime from 8 years ago. Whatever next for the UKs least favourite underdogs?

I don’t know and I’m not sure how much I care, but I do see that they’ve slumped back into their natural place in the UK’s political hierarchy – right at the bottom, unable to even fuck-up properly.  Aside from the odd Charles Kennedy or Mark Oaten, the Lib Dems (as a party, not as cardboard cut-outs in Westminster) don’t seem to know how to stir up a good controversy.  They’re now back to the old days, where speeding in 2003 or being a closet homosexual appears to count as outrageous.

And that is why the Lib Dems are doomed to stay out of power, they just don’t have a dangerous side.  Chris Huhne’s no Stephen Milligan and getting his ex wife to say she was speeding isn’t especially controversial.  There’s talk of him usurping/succeeding Nick Clegg as party leader, but I’m not convinced that’s good for the Lib Dems.  Seeing as Clegg is the best known/successful Lib Dem since David Lloyd George and has been linked to fair bit of trouble over the past year, I’d say he’s the best chance they’ve got getting anywhere.  Bit sad really.

If Mr Huhne does indeed hope to challenge the assistant Prime Minister he might want to raise his profile a tad. I suggest he has a night in with Max Moseley and Charles Kennedy at David Laws’ flat.  I guarantee that once the initial media scrum is over, he can return to the party and a hero’s welcome.  His approval rating would surely increase faster than you could behead a pensioner and the Lib Dems might be able to claw back a few councils here and there.

That said though, it doesn’t really matter anyway, the Liberals are a spent force for now and it’ll be a long time before anyone will care about what they’re doing.