There I was, transferring several hours worth of filming to my laptop, pleased with my efforts. How did I celebrate? Obviously, I pressed delete too soon before the files had all been copied. So, back to square one for me.

Still, at least I still have the clips of the iguana.

Anyway, the question is, what do you do when you accidentally delete half your uni work?

Quite a puzzler you might think, but the answer is simple. You laugh. Go on, laugh. Go on then, what are you waiting for? Start laughing.

Laugh! Laugh at the funny little man!

Yes, laughter is of course the best medicine for none medical complaints and what better way to be amused on a Sunday night than by a visit to the BBC News website.

As I scanned the front page, something near the bottom – the Wales section – caught my eye.

“Two injured after bus hits shop,” it screamed.  Just what I like to see.

The headline of the story proper, reads: “Two passengers hurt as bus hits shop in Swansea street,” which adds detail, but doesn’t explain how or why – actually, the article doesn’t exactly give you that either.

Now, the story isn’t particularly funny in itself, but what makes me laugh is the shop element.

“Two people have been injured after a collision near Swansea city centre involving two cars, a skip lorry and a bus, which hit a shop.”

It’s that last bit, gets me every time.  Read it again, see if you can’t find the funny side.

It transforms the story from being about a fairly dull bus crash – yes, really – to one of sheer comic perfection. A rare feat indeed.

The skip lorry is also a nice touch as it adds that typical authentic British anti-glamour that I love so much.

Maybe it’s a condition of watching so much The Day Today, I dunno, but I recognise comedy when I see it.  As a man who once managed the perfectly legitimate headline: “Stolen hawk found stuffed in tiny crisp box,” I know how to derive some humour out of the news.

And that, my friends, is how you successfully ignore the needless loss of your work. Sort of.