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An ePetitions website? What a waste, you could save that money hanging people.

Public figure makes a fool of himself, what a wonderful thing Twitter is.

This is not a problem with spending, it’s a problem with income.

Baroness Warsi’s one to watch. How long will it be until she starts being gagged in public?

Upper-class cunts.  As with any conservative government, naturally the ones at the top are always going to be aristocratic twats with no real sense of how most people live.  Call me Dave is of course, no exception, although he likes to pretend he’s a regular guy because he doesn’t always fasten the top button on [...]

An open letter to the junior Prime Minister.

Got milk? For the time being.

Is it me, or are the Tories just fucking around in Westminster?  Seems to me that the changes they keep talking about have more to do with what they’d like to see happen to the UK than what would actually benefit the UK. Case in point, today’s suggested benefit shake up.  As well you know, [...]